Never be satisfied with the 2nd place! Use the „Nitro2, the support of a champion”

More strenght, more stamina and even more willpower. This is why the crossfit is one of the hardest sport of the world. It is is the most complex and most burdensome group of movement forms which tests you all! You need strong muscles and your muscles require a lot of oxygen under endurance!

Be unstoppable! Be strong and be persistent during the trainings and competition! Take extra power and extra oxygen by some inhalation from the Nitro2 tanks. Deliver more oxygen into your muscles and brain. Better concentration, more repeats, bigger weights and faster recovery between the excerscises! This is what you need! Achieve your highest performance than never before!

Recommended use: 5-6 deep breath from the Nitro2 oxygen spray during the before training and competition and 4-5 deep breath between the excercises that move large muscle groups.